Advertising Terms and Conditions

The term 'advertiser' means the party submitting the form.

The term 'publisher' means

  1. Advertisements must accurately reflect the product and or service being advertised.
  2. Advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval and must always be recognisable as such.
  3. All claims made in the advertisement must be capable of being supported by appropriate evidence.
  4. The publication of an advertisement by the publisher does not constitute endorsement of the advertiser, its products or services.
  5. Positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of the publisher.
  6. The publisher makes no guarantee with respect to usage statistics or levels of impressions or click-throughs for any advertisement.
  7. All images must be supplied by the advertiser as an electronic file in "gif", "jpeg", "jpg" or "png" format by email.
  8. In the event of a material breach by advertiser, the publisher may terminate this Agreement immediately without notice or cure period, without liability to the publisher.