Come to Jamaica

Sometimes you find a great pair of shoes that just scream to be worn. Well, in the case of travel you find that perfect rolling briefcase that just screams for you to hop on a plane and see the world with it. And Jamaica is a most excellent choice!

Yeah, now you have that commercial theme song in your head "Come to Jamaica and feel all right", don't you? And, you will feel all right once you've touched down on this super fabulous island that has just about anything and everything you could ask for in one place. However, if all you do is lounge around on one the island's many beaches you might be doing yourself an injustice.

Wait, scratch that. Jamaica's beaches in Negril, Montego Bay, or Ocho Rios are utterly stunning (a horseback ride along the beach is a definite must) and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful location to sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the sounds reggae or calypso music.

But, every time you turn around there's some sort of music festival (jazz is especially popular) going on, so this is a dream spot for music lovers. It's also a great Mecca for shoppers with plenty of craft markets going on and there are plenty of art galleries for you art lovers.

Just when you think you've done it all, there's more. Jamaica has some lovely old plantations and historic estates that just shouldn't be missed; like the Greenwood Great House, a fantastic old manor house that’s over two centuries old and once owned by the family of the famous English poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning.

Jamaica is an island of extremes; from luxury resorts to quaint little inns, from fine dining to little local eateries serving local traditional cuisine. And even from quiet secluded hotels and beaches for honeymooners to partying Hedonistic style.

Yeah, come to Jamaica and you’ll feel all right!