Cruises To Jamaica

Visiting Jamaica?

Don't want to travel by air?

No problem.

Keep reading to learn about cruises to Jamaica.

Gliding through the Caribbean on a sleek cruise liner while enjoying all that can be... is awesome and inspiring.

A floating home away from home, docking at interesting ports, and in particular the island of Jamaica, is surely a holiday that cannot be beaten!

There are several cruise lines that operate within the Caribbean and offer cruises to Jamaica. The ports of call in the island of Jamaica are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Port Antonio.

What is there not to love about Jamaica!

The beaches, the indigenous plants, wild life and the hospitality make it a place worth visiting. Cruise ship travellers often return to take in more... to breathe in the essence that makes up Jamaica.

The variety of activities that are offered on a cruise lends itself as an attractive thought to being an ideal holiday.

You may need to plan months ahead though...

...and the best way is making your own booking for your cruise trip so that you know precisely what you will get. The more affordable cruises to Jamaica would be in springtime, as most Caribbean cruise-seekers are people from the Northern climates who prefer to take a holiday cruise during their winter months.

Approximately two million holiday makers visit the Caribbean each year and planning is crucial, as the cruises to Jamaica get booked out quite quickly. It is a good idea to do some research on the type of holiday you would like.

Cruises to Jamaica... or most other destinations for that matter are divided into four cruise classes.

If you are considering taking a holiday cruise with your family, there are family-friendly cruise ships that ensure they provide wholesome activities for children and the rest of the family. They take everything into consideration. The most reasonable cruise packages you could book would be contemporary or value cruises offered by and operated through two cruise lines, being Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

There are cruises on offer that cater for fun loving singles or other targeted lifestyle groups - these are called specialty cruises, but they are less frequent. The cruise ships vary in type and class.

Premium cruises are more expensive yet provide an excellent quality service. It is to be noted that these are smaller cruise ships with a larger staff complement and fewer passengers.

Then there are the luxury cruise ships that can carry up to 3,000 passengers and offer a more personalized service. Some would be considered Panama-class ships that just managed to get through the Panama Canal ports.

However, they are less likely to call on smaller ports in the Caribbean due to their huge size. The greatest benefit to this though, is the fact that at sea they are more stable in rough weather making a more smooth on board travelling experience.

As you plan your holiday, consider the length of period you would like to be on board. Perhaps, only for a day or two, and then spend some time on the beautiful island of Jamaica exploring what nature has to offer in Port Antonio as well as the historical tours that are offered in Kingston.

Alternatively, you may want to check out the top Jamaica shore excursions when you get to Ocho Rios.

If you anticipate spending a two week period on board, be sure to take sufficient additional funds to be able to include the activities that are arranged by the cruise lines themselves. Be on the safe side and budget for $100 extra per person per excursion. Activities could include scuba diving, golfing and even horse-back riding and nature walks.

Remember to pack appropriately for planned activities and something extra for the unexpected. Be sure to include evening dress for on board dinners, but avoid over packing. When booking for your holiday, inquire as to the planned island excursions and book in advance.

Before You Go

Ask the Cruise Customer Service official to explain the differences in the cabin types and what can be expected with regard to motion on each part of the ship. Lower cabins are less likely to cause motion sickness if you are susceptible to it.

If you are a light sleeper ask for a cabin that is away from all the movement of on board activities. Keep all valuables stowed away and do not handle a large amount of cash in public.

Bon voyage!