Jamaica Maps - So, Where Is Jamaica Located?

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Question: Where is Jamaica?

ANSWER: Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea to the south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola, on which Haiti and Dominican Republic are situated.

Geographic coordinates:
18º 15' N, 77º 30' W

location of Jamaica in Caribbean

Here's A Simplified Jamaica Map

This map shows the major resort areas in Jamaica, namely Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril and Port Antonio. Mandeville and the capital Kingston is also included.

Have You Ever Seen A Satellite Image of Jamaica?

If not, below is a satellite image of Jamaica taken in November 2001.

How About A Detailed Road Map of Jamaica?

If you're looking for a road map of Jamaica, you've come to the right place for information. Although Jamaica is a rather small island, it can still be difficult finding your way around if you are not familiar with the area. And with tourism as high as ever, there are a number of different Jamaica road maps to help you find your destination.

If you want an accurate and detailed Jamaica road map, the best are said to be Hildebrandt's and ITMB Publishing. These maps are up to date with new streets and locations that have been added and have many tourist attractions labeled on the map itself. Because of the thoroughness, you do have to pay a small price for these maps, but it will be worth it to have a detailed map during your vacation. You can generally find these maps at many travel bookstores.

Note: The Jamaica map of choice for the locals is the Shell Jamaica Road Map. We use it for our day to day use but it is hard to find online. (You may be able to get a copy on eBay.)

However, you can purchase it at any Shell gas station when you get here.

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