Jamaica Newspaper

Finding a Jamaica newspaper to read online is a relatively easy task. But did you know that you can also get some newspapers in Jamaica delivered to you in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, Far East, Japan and Russia?

Yes, it's true! You may subscribe to both the Gleaner and the Weekly Star. (This is the same edition we read in Jamaica.) In addition, the Weekly Gleaner has US/Canada & UK Editions which you may prefer to receive.

The other major daily, the Jamaica Observer also offers international subscriptions.

Newspapers in Jamaica with an online presence

[SIDENOTE: Here's a trick to help you when using the online version of the Gleaner and the Star... if you need to find the publication for a specific date.

When you go to the Gleaner's website (www.jamaica-gleaner.com) and click on Lead Stories (for example), you'll notice in the Address Bar of your browser that the date is a part of the URL. (The date is in the format yyyy/mm/dd).

In order to get another date's lead stories (for example), simply change the date and... there you go!

It's the same situation with the Star (www.jamaica-star.com). However, the date is automatically displayed in the URL without you having to click a story or section of interest. Change the date and you're good to go.]