Jamaica Radio and Television Stations

The roots of Jamaica radio can be traced to Word War II 'ham' radio operator John Grinan. In 1939 he turned over his equipment to the government and radio in Jamaica was born.

Grinan's equipment was used to start a public broadcasting system and the first broadcast came in November 17, 1939. As a matter of fact, the first radio station in Jamaica was VP5PZ which was actually Grinan's call-sign.

On July 9, 1950 commercial radio broadcasting began in Jamaica and Radio Jamaica (RJR) was born.

[SIDENOTE: Jamaica was the first country in the British Commonwealth broadcasting regular scheduled programmes on the FM band. And RJR was the radio station doing it.]

The Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) was created by the Government in 1958 (just a few years before Jamaica gained independence from Britain in 1962). JBC included both state-owned radio and television stations.

JBC's television station was eventually purchased by Radio Jamaica who renamed it Television Jamaica.

Jamaica Radio stations

Jamaica television stations