Jamaica Real Estate... What's The Big Deal?

Have you ever thought of owning your own island home or investment property in Jamaica?

Well... here's your chance. Jamaica real estate is piping hot right now and is 20-30% less than in other Caribbean islands.

For example, a resort suite listed for US$450,000 at a high-end development along Montego Bay's 'Gold Coast' could cost you up upwards of US$7.45 million in the Cayman Islands!

And no doubt about it, international investors and celebrities are taking note. No wonder the rich and famous like Naomi Campbell, Jane Seymour, Keith Richards and Ralph Lauren all own or owned homes in Jamaica.

Purchasing an island home in Jamaica is a safe and excellent investment. It's your opportunity to own a little piece (or a large piece if you so desire) of one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.

And you're not limited to a choice of location either. Negril, Montego Bay's 'Gold Coast', Ocho Rios and Rose Hall are all areas that are in high demand.

High-end developments in these areas include the Palmyra Resort & Spa, Round Hill, the Tryall Club, the Rose Hall developments and Goldeneye. They are all acting as magnets for serious overseas investors who realize that real estate in Jamaica is... a real Caribbean bargain!

And it's entirely your choice to own a luxury beachfront home... or you may rather a nice cozy cabin in the mountains... or you may prefer investing in a home in one of Jamaica's many upscale neighbourhoods. Whatever your taste, rest assured Jamaica can deliver.

But what is it that makes Jamaica real estate such an attractive investment?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that right now Jamaica real estate prices are up to 30% lower than other Caribbean islands (did someone say the word bargain?)

...or our natural beauty with lazy meandering rivers, gushing waterfalls, majestic mountains, and the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea surrounding us (providing you with million-dollar views!)

...or Jamaica's year-round salubrious climate (no winter here!)

...or our unique culture (actually a 'melting pot' of several cultures)

...or the world-renowned hospitality exhibited by our warm and friendly people

...or our exotic foods (ackee and saltfish with roast breadfruit, Jamaican jerk, anyone?)

...or the international appeal of our reggae music (ever heard of Bob Marley?)

...or our close proximity to the USA (after all, we're only 1½ hours away from Miami!)

...or the new infrastructural developments (airports, highways, power, telecommunications and others) taking place as we speak.

Oh yes, and let's not forget that nowadays if you need international mortgage financing, it's available right here in Jamaica. FirstCaribbean International Bank is the first and only institution providing international mortgages to investors and it doesn't matter if you're...

  • a foreign national,
  • a Jamaican living in the Diaspora,
  • or a returning resident

You only need to be investing a minimum of US$360,000 and you're eligible to apply.

By the way, international mortgages are available in major world currencies such as the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling and the Euro. Click here for more information about FirstCaribbean's International Mortgages [opens in a new window].

Don't let the opportunity pass you by to grab a piece of Jamaica real estate. It may be undervalued now compared to other Caribbean islands but it definitely won't stay that way for very long!

Click here if you need assistance locating property for sale in Jamaica.

2009 UPDATE: I recently came across the Jamaica Real Estate Guide. It's a FREE Print and Online magazine with Jamaica Real Estate listings for sale. In addition, you'll find online home buying guides, mortgage info, broker directory, articles and more.