Top 5 Jamaica Shore Excursions To Enjoy

The list of Jamaica shore excursions could literally go on forever because of the plethora of activities this beautiful island has to offer. Whether you want to stay dry, get wet or go on thrilling tours, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Here are 5 Jamaica shore adventures you cannot afford to miss.

1. Bob Marley Tour

There is no denying the fact that the legend of reggae, Bob Marley, is what Jamaica is all about. The Nine Mile tour takes you through picturesque scenery, traveling through Higgins Town and Claremont to the village of Nine Mile. The tour begins at the family home of Bob Marley, where many of his family members still live, including his mother. It follows you through locations Bob Marley wrote famous songs about and ends where he was laid to rest.

2. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens and Firefly

This is a two-stop tour at two of the most popular spots in Ocho Rios. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens is a 25-acre garden full of beautiful and unusual flowers. You can certainly walk through the garden alone, but it is recommended you take the tour as well. The second stop is Firefly, which is the home of Noel Crawford. This home remains intact as how Mr. Crawford left it, with his studio still set up with a painting even resting on the easel.

3. Rafting

You cannot go on Jamaica shore excursions without getting a little wet. The White River is a beautiful river that runs just outside of Ocho Rios. Parts of the trip are mellow, but there are also spots that give you the rush of being in the middle of rapids. Overall, the activity delivers a Grade 3 white water raft experience.

4. Catamaran Snorkel Cruise and Dunn's River Falls

This lively adventure has you cruising along the coastline of Jamaica with Jamaican music and dancing throughout the whole trip. After anchoring in the pristine Ocho Rios Marine Park for snorkeling and other fun, the next stop is the famous Dunn's River Falls. This is where you get to make the climb of a lifetime right up the falls. Then it is back to the cruise for more fun.

5. Beach and Ocean Heritage Horseback Ride

This horseback ride takes you through the history of Jamaica, beginning at a site with historical significance, Seville Property. While there is a lot of history and intriguing facts, it is not the only enjoyment on the trip. You can horseback ride next to the water's edge of a deserted sandy beach. And to top off the ride, you and your horse can trot through the water.

Jamaica offers some of the most unforgettable adventures for a perfect vacation. The five Jamaica shore excursions listed above offers a little bit of something for everyone including tours, wet fun and a calm relaxing horseback ride.