Top Jamaica Tourist Attractions

When most people think of Jamaica, they immediately conjure up images of great weather, good beaches and a relaxed way of life. Whilst this is all true, there is of course far more to this stunning Caribbean island. It is also a place of natural beauty, places of interest, music and culture. Listed below are just a few of the top Jamaica tourist attractions.

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Bob Marley Museum

It will be impossible to avoid the sounds of reggae music during a vacation in Jamaica, and Bob Marley is considered to be the godfather of this musical style. The Bob Marley Museum is located in Kingston, and is the place to visit to find out more about this reggae legends life and works. There is a guided tour available which provides interesting insights, and also a short film documenting the late stars final days. This is the most visited tourist attraction in Kingston, and no vacation in Jamaica would be complete without visiting it.

Dunns River Falls

Of all the natural wonders the island has to offer, Dunns River Falls is arguably the most famous tourist attraction in Jamaica. Situated near Ocho Rios, these famous waterfalls are perhaps one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Surrounded by lush greenery, climbing the falls (normally led by a guide) is an excellent way to appreciate them all the more. At times, it can get busy with tourists, so visiting them before 10 am or after 4pm is recommended. Click here for more information about Dunn's River Falls.

Dolphin Cove

A trip to Dolphin Cove can be combined with one to Dunns River Falls, as it too is close to Ocho Rios. As the name might suggest, this cove is famous for its dolphins, and visiting here gives the tourist a chance to swim and play with these most intelligent and inquisitive creatures. Snorkelling and kayaking are all possible here, and on dry land, there is also a jungle walk where visitors can see other wildlife. It is not hard to see why Dolphin Cove features highly on any list describing Jamaica tourist attractions.

Blue Lagoon

The locals call this spot the Blue Hole, but due to the success of the Brooke Shields film, most people now know it as the Blue Lagoon. Perhaps one of the most internationally known Jamaica tourist attractions, tourists are drawn to its stunning beauty. This lagoon area is famous for the variety and intensity of the blue and green colours which change shades and hue as the sun passes overhead. Many people choose to scuba dive here, as it provides an unforgettable memory. Blue Lagoon is located in the eastern region of Jamaica, close to the resort area of Port Antonio.

Rose Hall Great House

This place is seemingly at odds with many of the other Jamaica tourist attractions, but makes for an interesting visit nonetheless. This building was once home to Annie Palmer, who was the overseer of a plantation. Over the years, she developed a reputation as a murderess who apparently killed her husbands when bored of them, until she was murdered herself. Fact mixes with fiction at the Great House, and visitors take tours there in the hope of seeing her ghost who is said to haunt the building. Learn more about Rose Hall Great House by clicking here.