Jamaica Villas...
The Perfect Place for Your Dream Vacation

Jamaica villas have much to offer. As a matter of fact, think of it as your "home away from home". You call the shots. You're the boss.

You decide who you want to see and when you want to see them (including the staff). You decide when to eat.

Do you want the pool all to yourself? No problem, Mon.

Jamaica villas offers all this and so much more. How about your own personal staff... how about personalized service... how about spectacular Caribbean views... or how about a truly private getaway?

The truth is, in a hotel or resort, your privacy is limited to your bedroom or suite. You're required to share all other facilities with total strangers.

It's like you're in an anthill. Strangers are everywhere. They're at the pool. They're at the beach. They're at the the bar. They're at the restaurant. They're at the... (you get the picture by now, they're really everywhere.)

Luxurious Villas in Jamaica

Not so in a villa. Not at all.

Everything there belongs to you... and you only. The pool is yours. The beach is yours. The music, the terrace, the TV... it's all yours 24 hours of the day. (It really is your "home away from home".)

You choose who you want to see, when you want to see them. If you choose not to see your staff, summon them only when you wish to be served. They too will become "invisible."

The bottom line is, when you stay at a hotel, your schedule revolves around the hotel's. When you choose a Jamaica villa, you're in total control of what you do... and when you do it.

And here's the shocker. In spite of these awesome advantages, your Jamaica villa vacation can be comparable in terms of price with a hotel.

Recently I heard about a website called www.doJamaicaYourWay.com where they feature locally owned accommodations that are available to tourists.

Some History on Do Jamaica Your Way...

The site was started in September 2010 and they have a strong social media program running. They have two Facebook fan groups, a Twitter account, a blog and a chat forum.

The reason the site was created was to promote the local businesses in Jamaica and to highlight vacationing in a more local way. They feel that travelers never really see true Jamaican culture from inside a resort (I agree), but most people wouldn't find these local accommodations when shopping online for a vacation package.

Please remember that summer rates tend to be much cheaper so you'll want to bear that in mind.

If you're headed to Negril, here's a villa you may want to learn more about... Our Past Time Villas. (It's owned by a friend of mine and I've had some pleasant times there.)

May your Jamaica villa vacation surpass what you imagine it would be and one that will continually bring you pleasant memories.