Jamaica Weather in August:
We're Still Sizzling!

Jamaica weather in August is just as hot as in July...

...but usually with much more showers. The high humidity and the heat combine to produce frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

If you're visiting Jamaica in August prepare to sweat a lot! Be sure to bring a hat, your sunglasses and lots of sunscreen!

Jamaica weather in August
Jamaica Weather in August

Average High in August: 91°F / 32°F
Average Low in August: 75°F / 24°F
Average Rain in August: 5.2" / 132mm

We're almost in the middle of the Atlantic hurricane season. If you're travelling to the Caribbean at this time of the year, you'll want to keep a close eye on the weather.

Taking out travel insurance may also be a good idea. In the event a hurricane interrupts your vacation, you'll be well covered (no pun intended)!