Jamaica Weather in January:
It's Almost Mid-High Season

December through April is Jamaica's peak tourist season. Tourists seem to be everywhere during these months...

...and no doubt they're all enjoying the brilliant Jamaica sunshine!

Jamaica weather in January
Ocho Rios Bay Beach, January

Jamaica weather in January is similar to weather in December. It's only a degree or two cooler and the chance of rainfall is also less...

Average High in January: 86°F / 30°C
Average Low in January: 70°F / 21°F
Average Rain in January: 2.7" / 69mm

T-shirts and shorts are still the way to dress while the majority of our northern neighbours are all bundled up. Of course an occasional cold front passes through dipping temperatures into the 60°'s (and most of us think that's cold!) This normally lasts for less than a week.