Jamaica Weather in June:
The Heat Is On!

Want to know about Jamaica weather in June?

Well, it's the beginning of hot, humid days with the possibility of a hurricane. (June marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season.)

Sweltering heat can be expected but afternoon showers are also very likely... because June is one of Jamaica's rainy months.

Jamaica weather in June
Jamaica Weather in June

Average High in June: 90°F / 32°C
Average Low in June: 75°F / 24°C
Average Rain in June: 5.5" / 140mm

Hurricanes typically don't form this early in the season. However, severe tropical weather can interrupt your travel to the island and also ruin your vacation. As a result, some resorts, cruise lines, airlines and online booking agents have "Hurricane Guarantees" so your vacation won't be a total loss.

Bear in mind that...

...just because it's hurricane season doesn't mean you'll experience a hurricane!