Jamaica Weather in May:
It's About To Rain (Maybe)

Jamaica weather in May is typically hot with afternoon showers.

Temperatures are beginning to climb as we approach the summer months. But as the temperatures climb, so does the chance of rainfall.

The rainy season is here but don't plan on putting off your vacation just yet. Most of the days are usually hot until in the afternoons when there may be thunderstorms.

Showers normally don't tend to last long and are a welcome relief as they make for cool evenings.

Jamaica weather in May
Jamaica Weather in May

Average High in May: 89°F / 32°C
Average Low in May: 75°F / 24°C
Average Rain in May: 5.9" / 150mm

So if the don't mind the heat and the chance of being caught in an afternoon thunderstorm, this is the time for you to be here.

And don't forget hotel rates are significantly lower during this time of the year!