Planning A Jamaica Wedding? Here's Some Practical Advice

If you're involved in planning a Jamaica wedding... and can't afford to mess it up, this information is for you.

Thousands of couples from all over the world have already lived their dream of getting married in Jamaica. However, here are a few pointers to help you plan the perfect day (for you or someone else)... and minimize the chance of it becoming a traumatic experience for all involved.

Typically, you should start planning ten to twelve months in advance. The reason for doing so is to get everything lined up very early. As a matter of fact, this is the secret to planning perfect weddings.

Whether you're doing research online for a lavish ceremony or a small intimate gathering... whether it's for yourself, a family member or a close friend... the fact is most of us have become comfortable with the Internet. As a consequence, we've become easy targets.

It's very easy to find mountains of information online about a Jamaica wedding. You also get to shop around for the best deals simply with the click of a mouse. The choice is yours to compare packages for Jamaica weddings based on destinations, venues and vendors.

But doing your research on the Web is also where a number of problems arise.

For example...

  • How do you know you're dealing with a legitimate business who has your best interests at heart?

  • How do you know if the testimonials on the website are true?

  • How do you know if within a few months time you'll still be able to get in touch with your wedding planners?

  • In short, how do you know YOU won't be scammed?

One way to get around this is to do your due diligence. It does not matter how convincing the website sounds, YOU need to be extra careful because you don't know who you're dealing with.

In other words, don't be taken by the dazzling pictures... don't fall for the glowing testimonials... and above all don't be ready to hand over your hard-earned money... because the deal is too unbelievable to pass up. (Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.)

A simple way to check out the credibility of the company or website is to do a search at Google (for example).

Type in the name of the company with the word scam like this... "ABC Travel Company" +scam. (You could also try words like ripoff or fraud in addition to the company name.)

Check out the results of your search carefully to make sure the company or site is legit.

You could also go to to do a domain name search. A WHOIS search will reveal to you details about a domain name such as who owns the domain name, where it was registered and when it expires. (In some instances domain names may be registered privately and no information about the actual owner will be revealed... which may not be a good sign.)

TIP: If the contact information for the domain name is revealed and is different from that shown on the website, do a search for that name on Google as well.

When you do choose your travel/wedding consultant, you'll still want to stay abreast of what is going on. You need to make sure all airline tickets and hotel reservations are paid for promptly by them.

It would be a shame to find out six or four months prior to getting married that you were scammed. And bear in mind that if after 60 days you realize the company you did business with ripped you off... the credit card companies won't credit your account. The result is you're left with a hole in your pocket and a lot of stress, Stress, STRESS!

In addition it's always advisable to seek local help. That is, it doesn't matter if you're planning an intimate wedding at a beachside villa... or a lavish ceremony at an all-inclusive resort, the bottom line is contact a local.

Don't make important, life-changing decisions such as your Jamaica wedding solely on the basis or Internet sources or your travel/wedding consultant back home. Get in touch with a local wedding coordinator who understands the location, the culture and the people who'll play a vital part in making your special day as near perfect as possible.