Let's Take A Closer Look At
Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica - is a warm and alluring mix of...

  • modern buildings,
  • magnificent homes,
  • beautiful manicured gardens,
  • history, and
  • a wealth of culture and diversity to draw from.

(Yes, there are shanty towns, and a rougher side of Jamaican life but it in no way detracts from the hospitality, friendliness and humour of the folks of this capital city.)

Picture of Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica was born out of a disaster, the 1692 earthquake that sank two thirds of Port Royal over the other side of the natural harbour, which just happens by the way, to be the 7th largest natural harbour in the world. The earthquake finally breathed life into the rural setting Kingston once used to be, turning it into a conurbation of mixed and interwoven cultures.

(There is much beauty to be seen, despite the adversity this city has experienced with natural calamities... such as the 1907 earthquake which destroyed approximately 75% of the buildings in the city.)

Kingston, Jamaica has prospered over the centuries bringing fortune and fame to many. This capital offers the businessman as well as the more discerning traveler, something a bit different from the more frequented holiday resorts on the island.

It is a vibrant city, full of surprises... just the architecture alone will fascinate you.

Kingston boasts a fantastic theatre - the Ward Theatre with acoustics that rival any music hall in Europe. It was built in 1912... on a site that has been used for theatres since the 1770's.

The National Gallery provides an outlet for the talented peoples that live on the island, not to mention the famous citizens of the past. It provides a peep into the soul of the city.

The fun part of visiting this city is that you will really enjoy traversing it on foot and if you start lagging behind your companions, hail a cab... it makes it fun, but determine the price to be paid, before you get in. The cab drivers are usually quite animated in their speech, gestures and explanation of the history of Kingston making it quite entertaining and memorable.

Kingston, Jamaica is no ordinary place and is most certainly worth the visit. Don't let the negative publicity of years gone by cloud your vision, preventing you from experiencing something unique. Seize the opportunity to see the remains of old Port Royal, the wicked city of the past, which gave birth to Kingston - just a hop away on the other side of the bay.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of good food you won't be disappointed, as Kingston, Jamaica offers more than the usual in cuisine. It draws from its rich cultural diversity, eastern and western with its exotic flavours and aromas. Kingston hotels can be compared with the best in the world and will leave you completely satisfied.

Kingston harbour at sunset
Kingston harbour