Mo Bay when it was free

by ron bates
(cornwall on canada)

I visited Jamaica in 1970 and 71 for Christmas and later in 71 for school break .My family lived in Kingston and I was given a tour of the country side and of course Mo Bay . First of all Air Canada deposited us there while visitors mostly Jamaican visiting family disembarked . We took off and did that narrow take off as the landing was similar . Scenic for sure ! Exhilarating ! Jamaica produced a later walk through Mo Bay and beaches all for the taking . We were always with either a neighbour retired from the New York Police Department and known to the Red Stripe and citizens . An informative oppourtunity to learn and enjoy . Today I intend to return , there is chance of living nearby but if not so much was learned in 71 that the country's improvements as well as concerns about pollution is special . The island was home to Errol Flynn for years , it was a place to reside and get along well . We did ! Montego Bay what more is there to say !

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