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Interestingly, Negril, Jamaica is listed as one of the thousand places one should visit or things to be done before you die.

Are you wondering why?

Let's start at the beginning - the name Negril has been shortened from the Spanish word "negrillo" and appears to have referred to the black cliffs just south of where Negril is situated. It is more than likely how the Spanish explorers identified the area on a return voyage. Negril was first mentioned in 1494, and acted as a haven for ships. It has become one of the most popular destination for people looking for budget holidays, though it also features some truly opulent resorts.

In 1702, English Admiral Benbow was forced to regroup his men and fleet after suffering a shattering sea battle with the French under the command of Admiral DuCasse. Then again in 1814, just over 200 years later, the English brought together 50 warships in Negril for provisions with approximately 6,600 men onboard the vessels then set sail to put down the uprising of the American rebels in the Battle of New Orleans.

Beach scene - Negril, Jamaica

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And let's not forget the pirates.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two female pirates who sailed with and made John "Calico Jack" Rackham famous. They raided and plundered smaller vessels throughout the West Indies. After capturing a ship anchored off Nassau the Governor of Jamaica sent two ships under the command of a Captain Barnett to capture the pirates. It was while anchored off Negril, that Barnett caught up with them.

Negril was hardly accessible by land for many years, and to reach there you'd have to cut through swamplands. It was only during the administration of Norman W. Manley that the swamp was drained and a road built in the 1950's.

During the late 1960's and the early 70's Negril became quite popular with the "hippies" or "flower children" as they were known. Negril, Jamaica became known as a tourist destination for these free spirited young people and haven for the weary Vietnam War veterans.

Negril did not offer much in the way of accommodation for these visitors. The "hippies" in particular were not that welcome by the local authorities. Nevertheless, they sought abode with the locals in their homes, renting a room and sometimes just a space, oftentimes sitting down and sharing a meal with them too.

Negril then started to thrive with the ever-increasing number of visitors, creating a boom for the inhabitants of the town particularly on the west side of Negril - Lighthouse and Redground Roads. The hospitality offered by the locals drew more and more visitors, the only drawback being the use of ferries to get to Negril.

The road between Negril and Montego Bay has been upgraded and provides a pleasant drive for those wishing to hire a car and travel the island. More and more visitors have joined the keen throngs that flock here. Careful town planning has helped to maintain the status of Negril as being a prime tourist spot with its white sandy "7 Mile Beach" being touted as the tops in the Caribbean.

Here's an interesting fact...

In the light of the boom a law was passed in Negril, Jamaica that to this day does not permit any building to be constructed higher than the height of a palm tree. There has been a concerted effort on the part of the authorities to maintain the ecological environment in a pristine state and is relatively free from over commercialization.

There are a number of stunning resorts that have been developed over the last 10 years, but within keeping of the conservation concerns.

Fantastic cuisine is on offer at restaurants that provide a great dining experience and if you are close enough to the cliff end of Negril, you may even get to see the cliff divers or even try it out for yourself.

Feel daring? Visit Negril, Jamaica and it will change your life and have you coming back for more...

Sunset @ Rick's Cafe, Negril

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