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Ocho Rios, Jamaica (affectionately called "Ochi" by the locals) is a wonderful place to visit... and you're going to find out why.

But first, you should remember that...

...language can be confusing!

Some confusion led to Las Chorreros, the Spanish words for "rapid rivers" or "the river spouts", changing to Ocho Rios meaning "eight rivers", by the English sometime in 1657.

This was shortly after their showdown with the Spanish near Dunn's River Falls, a truly magnificent, most exquisite spot on the island. If one contemplates, the Englishman responsible for the name evidently did not have an ear for languages. Neither the Spanish, nor the English placed that great an importance on Ocho Rios.

However, the pirates did; in fact it was a safe haven for them. There are interesting tales to be heard. Yes, this is a place you would definitely want to visit!

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Situated on the north-eastern coastline of the island Jamaica, the metamorphosis of Ocho Rios has been quite remarkable from that of a small, somewhat sleepy fishing village to a main tourist attraction over the last 25 years. Going back a bit further in time, it was not too long ago, in the 1940's that the banana and sugar trade made way for bauxite and alumina mining by the Reynolds Jamaica Mining Company. It created quite a boom for the area until the 1980's.

A deepwater pier was built in Ocho Rios, Jamaica to handle the loading of the bauxite and alumina which was transported about 6 miles from the mines by means of a conveyor belt straight into the waiting cargo ships. This really put Ochos Rios a little town in Jamaica on the map. However, today there is very little mining activity as a result of the political situation in the 1980's which caused the mining company to shut shop.

It was then that tourism took the lead in Ocho Rios. This Jamaican port town offers much, in particular to the nature lovers and the duty free shoppers. It is the main port of call for the cruise ships. What makes it so attractive to tourists is its feel of a bygone era... the colonial times.

Besides all that, Ocho Rios, Jamaica is known for its botanical gardens, waterfalls and wildlife. To get a good look at the port visit the Shaw Park Botanical Gardens. Balanced high over Ocho Rios is this most magnificent garden, 25-acres in total with the most breathtaking views of the bay.

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With several acres of lawns that are terraced with a beautiful waterfall, tropical blooms, an interesting merging of shrubs, indigenous and imported trees and a rose garden the envy of any rose grower, it is not difficult to understand why tourists keep coming back.

Don't forget Dunn's River Falls that makes Ocho Rios, Jamaica famous. It's an amazing sight, with the river cascading over large rock steps as it makes its way down to the sea. These rocky stone steps that make up the falls allow is about 600 feet in length from top to bottom and allows for adventurous climbing, especially on a hot day and provides a cooling shower. Try it! It is refreshing on a hot day. (Click here to learn more about Dunn's River Falls)

There are so many places to mention, like Fern Gully where you are able to walk through a forest of hardwood trees and the lush green of a fern valley consisting of more than 600 types of ferns. Ocho Rios, Jamaica gives one a sense of tranquility. No wonder the writer Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond series decided to live at Golden Eye, fairly close to Ocho Rios. Actually there were several celebrities and writers who have spent time in and around Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Now that says something for the place.

Come visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica - you won't be disappointed!

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(While you're in Ochi, you should check out Runaway Bay... which was an escape route for runaway slaves and also a place where pirates may have used to regroup.)

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