The Crazy, Calm, and Classy Places in Jamaica you must check out

The Crazy, Calm, and Classy Places in Jamaica you must check out written by: majay247

Jamaica has many good, serene and classy places to hang out and enjoy some quality time. Her beaches, clubs, mausoleum and nature provide a relaxing and fascinating venture for leisure time. The culture is itself something worth experiencing. The following are some of the top fanciest places to look for while in Jamaica:


The clubs location is fantastic. It is located 12 miles away from the main resort area, the Tyrall Club Resort area. When in Tyrall Club, you have an attractive view of the surroundings. Certainly, you have the choice of many fantastic locations-in the woods, on a hill, ocean front. The Club has the most remarkable staff. It is certainly the place to be.


The beach, located on the north coast of Jamaica, is nine miles to the east of the town of Port Antonio. This beach is widely known for its jerk pork and chicken stands. It's the birth place for spicy jerk seasoning, of which Jamaica is widely known. The place is also widely known for surfing sport. Boston hosts the Portland Jerk Festival once a year. The event features shows, live music play and sure of all, jerk food stalls.


The beach prides itself of an array of excellent activities, first class amenities and a stunning dining. It's simply a paradise on earth. The fascinating activities provided does not cease when the sun sets. The resort offers an experience of fine dining barefoot, thanks to the beach at Stew Fish. The Stew Fish being the latest addition to the variety of Mile beach restaurant choices. The place is also a regular host of weekly beach parties, featuring a variety of food, live performances and music.
It's voted widely as the best in the world. Negril's seven mile beach is legendary for its silky white sands, spontaneous island spirit and dramatic sunsets. It stands out as a unique place.

The entire protected beachfront is somehow level, with gently lapping waters. This forms a free entry for both and sea. The waters remain serene at daybreak, remaining so still to provide homage just for you.


Is the longest mountain range of mountains in Jamaica. The mountain hosts the island's highest point, the Blue Mountain Peak. The peak stands at 2256m (7402ft). It borders the eastern parishes of Portland. Part of the mountain stands in the Blue John Mountain National Park.

The island boasts of great flora and fauna. The vegetation includes towering trees and about 600 species of unique and attractive flowering plants. The mountains form a home for the world's second largest butterfly. It's the largest in the Americas.


This is a place rich of history, it's the strip of sand that enhances and put Montego Bay on the map of international tourism. The beach has new clubhouse with facilities that keeps on changing. This includes the Groovy Grouper beach bar.

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