The Missing Glasses

by Conrad W

It was in 2000 or 2001 when I spent a weekend in Montego Bay with my children and their mother and her sisters. Anyway I told them I wanted to go visit the "White Witch" of Rose Hall and they said no, because they were scared and I insisted. I wanted to go and my children also wanted to go as they were only about 3 and 4 yrs old. They wanted to do anything daddy was doing, so finally I got everybody to agree to go with me and they all including the boyfriend of one of the sisters. So it was about 7 of us that would go.

It was about near midnight the same Saturday night of that weekend and when we went there the security guard said it was closed and we couldn't get in but I begged and pleaded with the security that we were leaving early in the morning and could not come the next day and my kids really wanted to see the grave site etc. He told me that he could lose his job and get in trouble for doing that but he did let us in for a few minutes and we looked all over. The placed looked real spooky because of the lights and the artificial lighting that was placed for that purpose.

Anyway I went to the grave site where there was a tomb with a round top. As I tried to lay down on the tomb my kids were crying and begged me not to but I just laughed and I did. Everyone thought I was crazy because I was begging for "Annie" to come to me and I was scaring everyone saying how she was looking at us through the windows of the Great House. Anyway we only stayed a few minutes and I didn't want to traumatize my kids anymore so we thanked the guard and left.

When I reached back to the villa where we were staying and the whole excitement wore off I was missing my sunglasses which I had in my pocket all day. I searched everywhere and could not find my glasses. After retiring to bed not finding my glasses it came to me that it might have fallen out at Rose Hall where I was frolicking that late evening.

I was getting excited because I was curious to know if the glasses had really fallen out there. I couldn't wait for the next morning. So we had breakfast and did all of what we were to do that morning and packed up our things to head back to Kingston and then we stopped back at Rose Hall to check only for the security on duty to hand me the glasses and said to me that the glasses was found on "Her" Annies tomb by the night security. Of course I laughed out loud...and my kids said "Daddy"....

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Nov 26, 2013
same experience the missing glasses
by: Anonymous

i lost my eyeglasses there too and immediately after i went through the gates i remembered and went back up. i saw the shades on top of her tomb but then as i walked closer to them they disappeared right in front of my eyes.

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